UPDATE 2PM: The Cathedral is not advising people to stay away. The wait is now less than 2 hours so people are welcome to join the queue if they wish to.


IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Cathedral is delighted that so many people want to visit and pay their respects. For today, the Cathedral will remain open throughout the day until 5.15pm. The Eucharist will take place from 1pm to 1.45pm. Paying respect will continue at a slower pace and in complete silence during the service.

We thank you for your patience


After an extraordinary day yesterday, the cathedral opened it’s doors to the public at 9.30 this morning by the time the doors opened the queue was several thousand people long stretching back the length of Loseby Lane.

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Those intending to go the the lunchtime Eucharist will need to join a separate queue but will not be able to walk around the coffin.

There are further opportunities to view the coffin through the week and the Cathedral will now be opening it’s doors at 7am tomorrow rather than 9am as previously stated. All other times remain as shown on the reburial timetable


We’ll be adding some photo galleries from yesterday during the day today as well as keeping you up to date on the queues and other events taking place today.