Non-Eucharistic services for the week of reinterment of King Richard III

There is a generic form to the daily offices, which we have adopted in the services which will take place as King Richard III’s coffin travels from the battlefield back into Leicester to lie in repose in the Cathedral before reinterment. The service of Reception, when the coffin is received into the Cathedral will be Compline. Therefore we suggest that it may be appropriate to use this kind of format for any non-eucharistic services during the week of reinterment.  In particular, if you are holding an evening service, why not use the service of Compline,but with psalm and reading appropriate to the occasion?

The form of these services is, quite simply:

  • Preparation
  • The Word of God
  • Prayers
  • Conclusion

The sense of each of these ingredients is as follows, although not all of this need be included. It allows for considerable local variation within a framework.

  • The preparation to include seeking God’s blessing on his people, penitence and a hymn;
  • The Word to include a psalm, Bible reading, sentences and a canticle
  • Prayers to include the collect and the Lord’s prayer
  • The Conclusion to seek God’s protection for the coming night and then a simple blessing.

A list of suggested readings, prayers, hymns and songs also to be found on this website.

The full Common Worship order of service for Compline is to be found via the following link:

If you have any further suggestions or comments please contact Alison Adams.