Luke Hughes® – furniture designers to 20 major international international cathedrals – is proud to be working with the historic Leicester Cathedral and the highly anticipated reinterment of King Richard III. Luke Hughes® will design and install new, solid oak clergy seating and choir furniture hand made in the United Kingdom, ahead of Leicester’s celebration of the King’s reburial on Thursday 26th of March.

The project has seen a major reordering of the Cathedral, a place of worship for over 900 years, including relaid flooring and a newly designed tomb for the famed York King. In addition an interactive King Richard III visitor centre has been constructed nearby.

Working with the team at VHH Architects to bring this project to life, this is the latest high profile commission for Luke Hughes®. The company has worked with some of the world’s most iconic cathedrals over the last twenty years including St Albans Cathedral, Canterbury Cathedral, St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey.

‘The faceted styling, crisp edges and clean lines that the design team at Luke Hughes® has incorporated into the pieces, highlight the craft and expertise which has gone into making the furniture.

We hope that the furniture is seen as a celebration for the arrival and reburial of Richard III into the newly ordered space at the cathedral, and that the pieces are enjoyed and used for many years to come.’

 Liz Ret, Luke Hughes® Furniture Designer

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